7kw Evse Portable Ev Charger Electric Vehicle Car Charger
7kw Evse Portable Ev Charger Electric Vehicle Car Charger

Product Specification

Model Number:HFL-VCS-13-7S
Brand Name:HFL
Output Current:AC
Input Voltage:100-240V; 280-440V
RCD:30mA AC type A
LCD Display:2.8” color screen
Charging Cable:5M Type 2 (TPU Jacket)
Protection Rank:IP55 Cable; IP54 Station
Station size:L161 x W86 x H310 (mm)
Certificates:CE(UDEM lab), UKCA, ROHS ISO;
Operating Temperature:-30℃ to 50℃
Warranty:2 years (both cable and station)
Power cord:open ready to wire into electricity

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Products details

Ev Charger Electric Vehicle Car Charger

A wall-mounted EV car charger is an electric vehicle charging device that is mounted on an indoor or outdoor wall. By connecting to a household power supply or a public charging station, the wall-mounted EV charger fills the battery of the electric vehicle for the next trip.

Wall-mounted EV chargers are often compact, lightweight and easy to install, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor environments such as home garages, car parks, commercial or public buildings, providing a more convenient way for users to recharge their batteries.

Different types of wall-mounted EV chargers have different charging speeds and power levels, so users can choose the right type of wall-mounted charger for their electric vehicle model and charging needs. At the same time, wall-mounted electric vehicle chargers need to follow safe use and maintenance practices to ensure the safety of the charging process and the normal life of the charging equipment.


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