High Quality Hybrid Mppt 2500W Solar Inverter
High Quality Hybrid Mppt 2500W Solar Inverter

Product Specification

Model Number:ECO25

Input Voltage:170~280Vac
Frequency:40~70Hz, DefaultThe bypass circuit
Overload/short circuit protection:breaker(20 A)
Maximum efficiency:99.5%
Conversion time(bypass and inverter):<10mS
Biggest bypass overload current:20A

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Wall-mounted solar inverter is a compact inverter, which is connected to the wall, occupies less space and is more convenient to install

1. High space utilization: Wall-mounted solar inverters take up less space and do not need to occupy ground space, and their installation on the wall will not hinder the daily use of the building.

2. Simple and convenient installation: Wall-mounted solar inverters are small in size and light in weight, making installation more convenient compared to other solar inverters.

3. Low noise: Wall-mounted solar inverters usually dissipate heat through a fan, and the noise of their motors is low, so they do not have a significant noise impact on the surrounding environment and are suitable for installation in locations close to residential or commercial areas.

4. Easy maintenance: Wall-mounted solar inverters are installed on the wall, easy to maintain and care for, and can be observed at any time. In short, wall-mounted solar inverter has the advantages of compactness, portability, easy installation, low noise, and easy maintenance, which makes it a more suitable inverter product for solar energy systems at present.


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We offer customized services that support OEM or ODM, We can customize the product with your company’s logo and also provide customization of the product’s size and wattage.



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