German balcony solar: the most compelling data for 2023


Balcony solar systems are experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity in Germany, offering a convenient gateway for individuals to immerse themselves in the country’s burgeoning renewable energy landscape.


HIGHFLY has unearthed four compelling statistics that underscore this captivating trend:



Explosive growth——Numbers that Sizzle Like a Berlin Summer



Installation Soars:

Brace yourselves, solar enthusiasts!

The count of balcony solar systems in Germany has skyrocketed akin to a dazzling firework on New Year’s Eve.

From a modest 137,000 in 2022, it has surged to a staggering 230,000 in just the first half of 2023!

This marks a phenomenal 70% increase, firmly establishing balcony solar as not just a passing trend but a full-fledged love affair with the sun. 

(Source: Intersolar Europe)




Regional Sun Kings

North Rhine-Westphalia is leading the charge, luxuriating in the glory of over 40,000 balcony solar installations.

Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are also soaking up substantial rays, confirming that balcony solar is not merely a hipster trend;

it’s a mainstream movement. 

(Source: Black Label Immobilien)



Sun-kissed Savings

Think balcony solar is solely for eco-warriors?

Think again!

This sunshine bonanza can trim your electricity bills like a Teutonic knight through a sausage.

A typical 600-watt system can churn out up to 500 kWh of electricity annually, potentially saving you a cool €100-€200.

That’s ample to fuel your Fernseher binge-watching marathons and power your Wohnung without breaking a sweat. 

(Source: BENY Electric)




Payback Periods Plummet Faster than a Schnitzel into Beer

Remember those hefty, budget-busting solar panels of yesteryear?

Balcony solar has miniaturized them and sent prices plummeting like a freier Fall during Oktoberfest.

The payback period, the time it takes for your system to pay for itself through savings, is shrinking faster than a Berliner’s patience waiting in line for Currywurst.

We’re talking 5-7 years, folks!

That’s quicker than mastering the art of Biergarten bench-sharing.



While these stats are sizzling, let’s inject some HIGHFLY-octane fuel into the mix. HIGHFLY, a specialist in balcony solar solutions, goes beyond mere panels and inverters.


They comprehend that every balcony is unique, and every Hausbesitzer has distinct needs.




So, Balkon Besitzer, Are You Ready to Harness the Power of the Sun?



The balcony solar revolution is sweeping Germany, and there’s no better time to join the party.


With sizzling stats, sunshine-powered savings, and HIGHFLY’s commitment to making your solar journey smooth and stylish, there’s no reason to wait.


So, grab your Lederhosen, sunscreen, and a thirst for sun-kissed energy!





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